arm cortex cpu explained under development

This is the so calledworld map of the cortex A8




arm architecture can nperform multipe task at time. in the image 2, you see 14 instruction to processor. this is just assembly instruction for cpu and memory location. just like any computer or 8 bit system.




A  Fetch is always the first steep in the procesessor

each of this instruction are pretty important, the cool ting is that, they are compatible with c ++ arm programming. you need to be into assembly computer enginering to understand the meaning of each instruction. such asembly instruction makes sence in a mather that it moves around info from the kernel , on the screen. this is just the machinery. this topic is some of the most complicated stuff in computer cience, this article will take time to make. you can find other cources on my link list

Bilderesultat for under development